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The PIC Vision and Mission

PIC empowers all FSU students to innovate and lead in their respective fields through computing and information technologies. PIC provides an infrastructure that develops, supports, and promotes a comprehensive range of application-oriented classes that capture and effectively deliver current and emerging computing and information technology needs and trends across disciplines.

What is PIC?

PIC is an academic cooperative funded by the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Communication and Information, with additional support from the College of Business, the College of Visual Arts, Theatre, and Dance, the College of Education, and the FSU Council of Deans. PIC assists faculty from across the University with the development, operation and promotion of interdisciplinary computing and IT courses.

What does PIC do?

PIC works with colleges and departments to identify computer skills and applications that are important to each discipline. Common needs are identified across disciplines and courses are either identified or developed to meet those needs. PIC courses focus on applying computer skills in a discipline-specific manner.

How does PIC benefit FSU students?

Who steers PIC?

Faculty representatives from across campus form a steering committee to set the agenda for PIC by deciding what courses are needed at FSU, developing the objectives for each course, identifying existing courses that fulfill the need, or guiding the devlopment of new courses. PIC seeks to take advantage of valuable domain knowledge from a variety of academic units to bring students the highest-quality relevant computer courses to meet their discipline-specific needs. PIC employs faculty, as needed, to develop and teach courses that are in demand, but unavailable through existing academic units. You can read more about PIC in the Program Bylaws, and more about the PIC Steering Committee in the PSC Bylaws.

What courses are available through PIC?

PIC supports a wide variety of valuable computing and information technology courses designed to meet the needs of all students. Subject areas include Web Design and Development, Communication and Information Technologies, Business and Professional Technologies, Digital Graphics and Media, Scientific Computing Applications, and Applied Computer Programming.

Special PIC Initiatives

PIC promotes technology across campus by recognizing student innovation with technology at DIGITECH - an annual campus-wide event and online gallery of students work. PIC also promotes interdisciplinary student work with technology through ePIC - a student coalition made up of students from multiple disciplines with a common interest in Web-centric careers. ePIC provides students with opportunities to work on interdisciplinary Web and app projects in teams, gaining practical professional experience and access to valuable internships and jobs.

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